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BowenInfo Inc. » FAQ


1. What services are provided by BowenInfo to local businesses?

BowenInfo has had a strong Information Technology background since the year 2000. Our development team is competent to tackle any technical issues for our clients. Currently, we provide a cutting-edge digital marketing service for local businesses (i.e., lawyers, doctors, and small business owners).

2. How can BowenInfo services help local businesses grow?

To help local businesses grow, BowenInfo services provide premium exposure to local and surrounding communities. With better exposure, more people within the community learn about the businesses that exist, the services they offer, their clients’ testimonies, and more.

3. What is the cost of BowenInfo services?

BowenInfo’s costs are dependent on the needs of the local business. We guarantee better results than marketing companies who charge upwards of $2,000. In fact, local businesses will see 50 percent better results by using BowenInfo services. A 100 percent money-back guarantee is provided for clients who do not receive a 50 percent boost in their business exposure.

4. What is BowenInfo’s one time consulting fee?

The initial consultation with BowenInfo is absolutely FREE. After the first consultation, we only charge after our client has received a 50 percent boost in their business exposure. Fees vary based on the current advertising budget of the business, as well as the expected result.

5. How will BowenInfo respect the privacy of clients?

BowenInfo treats all clients with respect. We guarantee that any information collected will be confidential and not sold or exposed to third party companies.

6. Is there a free trial service available?

The only free service that BowenInfo provides is the initial consultation. Also, we provide a 100 percent guarantee if results are not produced as expected.